How do you Earn Money Online?

Earn money online

When you are planning to create a successful large or small business to earn money online, you need to have a solid business idea and a business plan in place of all of the objectives that you need to accomplish in order to be successful. Contemplate who your customers are and what their needs are. Don’t just focus on a location or demographic. Take into consideration the age, location, gender, race, political viewpoint, and the income of your potential customers. Implement your gathered information in the marketing of your business plan. Once your business plan is in place, create your LLC and build a website for yourself. You can incorporate your business in any state, but many business owners incorporate in the state of Delaware for tax benefits. One of our favorite web hosting companies is Hostgator. They provide affordable web hosting services at various rates. For a website hosting provider Click Here!

Right Niches for Internet Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Make your website engaging and full of precious content that is of valuable need to your customers. Brand yourself. Design a creative logo to place on your website, letterheads and all necessary company business material. Create social media platforms that are niche related to your business and optimize them to reach your potential customers in your niche. Proper niche marketing is crucial in the development of your business. To learn more about picking the right niche Click Here!

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

When dealing with social media, people thing that Facebook and Twitter are the main platforms you should use in order to make sales and earn money online. That is a false concept. Actually, Pinterest has been proven to be a social media platform that is more suited for making sales of products. Social media sites such as these and Linkedin, Google+,Tumblr, Reddit, and Youtube are also platforms that you want to take advantage of with your social media marketing. I have found that Youtube has been very profitable with enhancing your websites SEO ranking score. Creating multiple Youtube videos that link back to your website with proper SEO content will raise your presence in the search engines. We can do this for you, you can do this on your own, or have our recommended software do this for you automatically. For tools to create dozens of Youtube videos on autopilot; Click Here!

SEO Tips

SEO software

We can teach you the proper way to approach social media marketing so that you get the best return on investment for your time. Make sure that you implement proper SEO tactics in order to make the correct outreach. There are various SEO softwares on the internet and free SEO tools available to assist you with your web SEO analytics. If you are using the proper SEO strategy, you will increase your overall SEO Google ranking score. Aside from your engagement in social media, you can use organic SEO or pay per click ads to gain exposure. We personally suggest optimizing your organic SEO copywriting and tactics before investing large amounts of money in pay per click advertising. Offer contests, and other things to engage with your customers. If you want to try a premier SEO software, Click Here!

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing online

Some business create their own products to sell and others create multiple streams on income through affiliate marketing. When dealing with affiliate marketing, you can pick relatively any product to market on the internet through marketing channels that your company sets up. There are various affiliate marketing sites throughout the internet. Make sure that you select a company that is reputable and is known for dispersing large checks to their affiliates. Affiliate marketing sites such as Amazon compensate %4 on average. You would want to choice an affiliate marketing company that supplies a much higher affiliate commission than 4%. Personally, we feel that %50 is the lowest affiliate commission that you should settle for if you are planning to make your business long term. Your website should have the proper ecommerce template installed so that you don’t miss out on a potential sale. Some companies like to use Paypal as a payment source, but some companies think that the best shopping carts for their websites are by Google. For more info on a great affiliate site Click Here!

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Creating an email list is also a great to optimize your internet marketing efforts and to make sales. Allow your customers to opt in to your email marketing campaign so that you can keep them constantly informed. Email auto responders are also a great way to keep directing your audience to make purchases. For info on a great software for auto responding Click Here!

First page Google Ranking!

Global Onyx Vortex

Here at Global Onyx Vortex, we can do all of the work for you and see that your business gets the exposure that it needs. We can handle everything from incorporating your business, to the online website development and internet marketing strategy. We will use social media to engage with the world in order to bring customers to you. Additional SEO analysis can be done and we can optimize your web presence to make sure that your company is well known. We also offer valuable resources and internet marketing consulting to help you start your business on your own. All of the previous posts contain links to recommended offers and softwares that you can use to help you grow your business immediately. Call us today if you have any questions at 855-244-3412 or email us at

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